Dinner Menu

Sample Menu
Changes Seasonally.


Change Daily

Soups and Salads

Miso Soup — soy bean broth, tofu, scallions, and seaweed
Beet Salad — roasted beets & greens w/ miso sesame sauce
House Salad — house greens with soy ginger vinaigrette
Seaweed Salad

Sushi Bar Appetizers

Sushi Sampler — Chef’s choice 5 piece nigiri sushi
Tuna Nuta —slices of rare tuna toasted with scallions and miso sauce
Tako Nuta — slices of octopus tossed with scallions and miso sauce
Tako Wasabi — small raw pieces of octopus flavored with wasabi

Hot Appetizers

Agedofu — fried tofu in a light fish broth
Shishito Peppers — flash fried salted delicately sweet but sometimes hot Japanese peppers
Prawns — grilled with garlic butter and soy citrus sauce
Eggplant Misoyaki
— brolled eggplant with miso sauce

Edamame — boiled green soybeans lightly salted
Shumai — homemade steamed pork and vegetable dumplings
Tempura Appetizer — flash fried shrimp with vegetables
Ebi Tempura —
all shrimp
Hamachi Kama —
lightly salted grilled yellow tail cheek
Tempura Appetizer —
tempura fried jalapenos stuffed with spicy tuna, finished with hot, sweet and sour sauce


Tofu Teriyaki – flash fried with sauteed vegetables
Salmon Teriyaki
Rib-Eye Teriyaki
Chicken Katsu — fried chicken breast in Japanese Crumb batter
Fried Chicken Breast Served with House Salad
Chicken Teriyaki
Whole Fish Flash Fried with Sauteed Spicy Vegetables

Sushi Dinners

Sushi / Sashimi — Chef’s choice
Sashimi Dinner —assortment of raw fish, Chef’s choice
Unagi Don — broiled eel, glazed with sweetened soy on a bed of rice

Nigiri Sushi

(Sushi is 2 pieces, Sashimi varies)

Ebi- Shrimp
Bass or Fluke
Tako – Octopus


Maki Sushi

Rolled with seaweed and rice, cut into 6 pieces

Negihamachi — hamachi and scallions
Ebikyu — shrimp, scallions, roe, cucumber
Sakekawa — salmon skin, scallions, cucumber, roe
Shrimp Catepillar — tempura shrimp with avocado top
Avocado Roll
Rainbow Roll – california roll topped with assorted fish
Red Dragon
— tuna and avocado, inside and out
Orange Dragon — salmon and avocado
Double Dragon — combination of Red/Orange

Spicy Hand Rolls

Sakekawa Hand Roll — cooked salmon skin, roe, scallions, red onion, lettuce, and cilantro
Tuna Hand Roll
Scallop Hand Roll
Salmon Hand Roll
California Deluxe Hand Roll
Avocado Hand Roll
Baroni Hand Roll
— tuna with salmon roe
Salad Hand Roll — lettuce, cucumber, avocado